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098 086461 | 096 086461
30/32/34 Alma-Ata, Avan district, Yerevan, Armenia


LOLO's third building was completed in 2022. Having about 4000 square meters of woodland and yard space, it was named Dream Garden by LOLO. LOLO 3 breathes fresh life into the preschool industry. It is a combined forest center of the Scandinavian style, where the kid is as near to and in tune with nature as possible. One of the advantages of the center is the halotherapeutic room /salt cave/, which helps to stabilize the child's immune system. The building has a mini zoo with a variety of exotic birds. The Loft hall makes it possible to organize the educational process in a more child-centered way, and to present the educational material as grounded, practical knowledge. There is also an art studio with pottery and sand painting groups